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The Pet Dragon- great kids book for learning chinese characters

Creative ideas for learning Chinese characters

Haven't read it- but think it's interesting title since we are having Kitchen Table Groups as our small groups at school.

The strokes in Chinese characters fall into eight main categories: horizontal (一), vertical (丨), left-falling (丿), right-falling (丶), rising, dot (、), hook (亅) and turning (乛, 乚, 乙, etc.). The “Eight Principles of Yong” outlines how to write these strokes, which are common in Chinese characters and can all be found in the character for “yǒng” (永, which translates as “forever” or “permanence”).

Liu and the Bird: A Journey in Chinese Calligraphy: Catherine Louis, Feng Xiao Min, Sibylle Kazeroid

The Chinese Fairy Book by Richard Wilhelm Abundant with imperiled princesses, sorcerers both kind and evil, anthropomorphic animals, otherworldly ghosts, and more engaging characters, this captivating collection of yarns from ancient China offers 73 spellbinding stories.

The Wisdom of No Escape and the Path of Loving-Kindness by Pema Chodron,

List of picture books that have positive messages and valuable character building lessons,

Mom: A Celebration of Mothers from StoryCorps by David Isay: 'Mom is a timeless collection of the wit and wisdom of mothers, culled from over 40,000 interviews. These stories are about and for mothers from all walks of life and experiences.'

Darkroom by Adam Bartos: Darkroom charts the physical and psychic terrain of photographic printing rooms while conveying their transition from the realm of pure functionality into historical artifact. #Books #Photography #History