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Nemhain's Machete by MisterGone42.deviantart.com on @deviantART


Conan Sword | Expatriategamer

Twin Dao Swords

Swords, swords and more swords


Sword concept.

Hanwei Banshee Cutting Sword - Bred in the jungles of Asia, our Banshee sword has its origins in the Thai Krabi and its close cousin, the Burmese Dah. Extremely strong and very quick, the Banshee is a cutting sword first and last, with a slightly weight-forward balance for slashing through jungle growth with ease.

Sword of the Ice,for anna

The unique designs of some types of Middle Eastern weaponry is very interesting to me A SHASTER SET Pech kabaz Khanda Golia Dhamala Shastars Sher Panja Khanjar Sher Mohi Kirpan www.nihangsingh.com by www.nihangsingh.com, via Flickr


Dejah Thoris, Princess of Mars Swords, from the Movie John Carter



Sword chart

swords... need a good, sharp, strong katana

That's a cool sword.