Liatris spicata ‘Alba’

Liatris spicata

I grew these this year. Low growing, good for front of borders. Leucanthemum 'Aglaia' Shasta Daisy: Full Sun, perennial, blooms all summer if deadheaded, divide every 2-3 years. So fluffy & pretty!

Akebia longeracemosa "A collection from N. Taiwan. This makes a vigorous twining climber with semi-evergreen leaves composed of 5 slim leaflets. The scented blackish-maroon flowers are borne in pendulous racemes to 15cm long in spring. Purplish sausage shaped fruits can follow in autumn. Sun or semi-shade."

Blazing star (liatris), perennial

Liatris "Blazing Star" white. Pin: "Looks great in a "moon garden" as it seems to glow at night."

Hidcote Lavender Will Attract Butterflies -->

Black Star Gladiolus-beautiful!

Red Penstemon. Full sun to partial shade.

Tulbaghia ~ hardy, long flowering, easy to grow, low maintenance. 'Dark Star' variety shown. Also available in pure white 'Milky Way' variety. Good for edging/borders.

Longfield Gardens-Liatris Blazing Star/ATTRACTS: Monarch Butterflies.

White Clips Bell Flower - gorgeous, their slight translucencyWhite Clips is the white version of the famous Blue Clips; they make a great display together. 8 to 12 inches tall. (Campanula carpatica Zones: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Plant Size: 8-10" tall, Up to 18" wide Light: Full Sun, Mostly Sunny, Half Sun / Half Shade Bloom Time: Early to late summer

Candytuft: an evergreen perennial with masses of stunning white flowers in Spring!

Soapwort- the leaves of this plant were used long ago to make a cleaning lather. Also called bouncing bet, it grows easily along arid roadsides and other difficult places -- showing how easy it is to grow. Flowers come in double forms in red, pink, and white, and some with variegated leaves are good candidates where soil tends to be alkaline. Tumbling over walls, as a ground cover in rock gardens, or in crevice gardens, rock soapwort -- a low, spreading form -- makes colorful pools of bright...

Lupinus regalis ‘Gallery White’ - mildew resistant, vigorous, and long blooming. 12" or more erect spikes of creamy white blooms mid-Spring through Fall. Dead head for continuous bloom. 2' x 3'. Needs rich humusy soil. Side dress with compost in early Spring and again in Summer. Attracts butterflies and bees. Deer resistant. Zones 4-10.

Sensational Speedwell An unsung hero of the perennial garden, speedwell comes in a variety of shades of blue, pink, or white. All produce upright flower spikes on mounded plants. After the first set of blooms begins to fade, shear the plant to encourage branching and rebloom. This combination of spike speedwell, Knock Out rose, and Six Hills Giant catmint creates a spectacular season-long show.

Eremurus robustus

Brilliant Miniature Hollyhock

Pretty Woman Tree Lily -- sun/partial sun; 8" fragrant blooms; strong stems/no staking; Grows 3-4' the first year, 5-6' the second year and up to an 6-8' at maturity; 20-30 flowers on each plant by third growing season; Easy to grow; Perennial in Zones 3 - 10; Mid summer.