handfasting-ceremony the original meaning of "tying the knot" <3


Traditional Scottish Handfasting

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Instead of using sand or candles, tie a fisherman's knot for your unity ceremony. | 31 Impossibly Romantic Wedding Ideas

Tying the knot wedding invitation

How to tie a handfasting cord - This is where the term "tie the knot" comes from! I did not know that! So cool :)

Cute story about why your wedding ring goes on the 4th finger. Cute for the back of the program. Make sure to tell your photographer. I bet they'll catch a few guests trying it pre-ceremony...this is actually pretty neat

One of the cutest save the date ideas I've seen: Tying the Knot Love this idea it's so cute!!


Love this!! Marriage Vows and Ceremony parchments

they tied a satin rope together during the wedding ceremony. Then the couple continues to tie a new knot for each year married.

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