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The New Jersey Devils and Toronto Maple Leafs cheer on their teammates during their game at Air Canada Centre on March 20, 2007.(Getty Images) --- I think I was at this game. I thought everyone would be interested in knowing that.

Toronto Maple Leafs The official program from the Toronto Maple Leafs' first game at Maple Leaf Gardens on 12 November 1931 (public domain).

James Reimer - Toronto Maple Leafs (from Fox Sports, a gallery of NHL goalie masks of 2013 -- 51 images and a little commentary for each one) (I'm too lazy to pin anyone other than Reimer, so click on the pic to see the rest of them)

Leafs goalie James Reimer salutes as he and his teammates show up at the Air Canada Centre Saturday morning, May 11, 2013. Photos by David Cooper.

it'll be a hockey night in Pittsburgh soon [well, we hope so] ~ via NHL, "Sums it all up quite nicely. Repin if you agree!"

A fan is a fan, no matter what. Unless of course you are one of those people who follows a different team every year and switch when that team gets booted from the playoffs... Now you are still a fan BUT not a dedicated one