Eternal Flame at President John F. Kennedy burial site, Arlington Cemetery, Washington D.C.

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was buried in Arlington National Cemetery on November 25, 1963. The site was designed by architect John Carl Warnecke, a long-time friend of President Kennedy's. The permanent John F. Kennedy Eternal Flame grave site was consecrated and opened to the public on March 15, 1967.

Arlington Cemetery VA. Sept.2011 Eternal Flame...John Fitzjerald Kennedy

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Arlington National Cemetary - Virginia President John F. Kennedy grave

Arlington Cemetery.

washington dc eternal flame | ... grave and eternal flame at Arlington National Cemetery, Washington DC

John Fitzgerald Kennedy Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery, Washington DC

President John F. Kennedy

Arlington Cemetery- would love to go back

Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington Cemetery, Virginia USA ....

John F Kennedy

President John F. Kennedy

President John F. Kennedy

President John F Kennedy

Robert F. Kennedy Grave Site - Arlington National Cemetery


Arlington Cemetery, Washington, DC

John F. Kennedy