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tardis door

Once you have walked through the hobbit hole, you'd be in the foyer (mud room) and to get to the rest of the house you'd have to go through the door that looks like a TARDIS.Basically how it's gonna work

Fringe: Making Angels

Fringe: Making Angels - You're watching Fringe of FOX! Astrid gets a surprise visit from her counterpart in the alternate universe. Share this one proudly.

great episode, great shirt

I cannot see a statue of an Angel without having a mini-heart attack and I love it. Lol Doctor Who.

It's liquor on the inside (rimshot). Get your British Sci-Fi TV series inebriation game on the right way with this DIY TARDIS liquor cabinet.


What an astounding array of colors -- from violet to rose and even deep purple. Aren't the leaded glass windows beautiful? I wonder why the doors have padlocks on them. The windows have an arched design. Maybe it's a church.


Going to do this with my brick fireplace - not necessarily the door and window (though that is a neat idea) but just to break up the monotony of my painted brick! This idea, I LOVE!

Venice door

Venice door

Front Door Charcoal Grey Neon Yellow

This neon yellow front door stands out against this gray home brilliantly, you can automatically imagine what the interior of the house will look like -

Beyond this door lies the key to your imagination and all the fairytale endings you have hoped for

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