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Done that last year for her Birthday even though I was the camera guy

hahaha this really made me laugh...but seriously, I can't wait to see the movie The Vow!

This is all so true! The last one is one of absolute favorite feelings in the world, knowing that he wants to be close to you just as much as you want to be close to him.

Faith In Humanity Restored. Really makes me feel great to know these people are out there

Wil Wheaton explains why being a nerd is awesome.

This is too cute. Shane has a girl in his class who is blind and "special". He sits next to her and touches her face to say hi to her. She knows when he walks in the room :)

Kudos to all of them.... I'd probably ONLY wear heels to support such a cause!

Hating people today? Faith In Humanity Restored in 50 Pictures