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    Someday Simba, all this will be yours.

    , "This lion and bear were confiscated from a drug dealer, along with a tiger friend. They are such good buddies that they are being allowed to stay together at a sanctuary."

    You know the line. "Someday, son, all this will be yours." Arguably the most "regal" of the big cats, there is something about the lion that attracts us and scares the hell out of us at the same time.

    Already talking back


    Lion family...

    Lion hugs

    Fatherhood - this is too adorable :)

    Rare black lion - no words can describe!!

    Cat/ Meowingtons/ Cat Costume/ Kitten/ Meow/ Lion/ Lion Costume/ Lion Mane/ Cute/ Awe/ Pet/ Cat Clothes/ Dress up/ Meowingtons

    The opposite of albinism called melanism, a recessive trait where the skin and fur are all black.




    Sweet Lion love ❥

    Lions and Tigers and Bears oh my!

    the beauty and poise of big cats always intrigues me!!!!

    Lion Cub and Mom


    Kevin Richardson: The Lion Whisperer