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    a huh

    Proper grammar is a turn on

    My swimsuit told me to go to the gym today but my sweatpants were like nah girl you're good.

    I'm not a princess... I don't need saving. I'm a freaking Queen... I got this shit handled.

    The Social Dept - i before e except after c...weird? ALL ME!

    Oh good Lord Amen.

    SO many people will not understand this


    I must have this. Must. Have.

    Love this!

    HA! I've seen this so many times and it makes me giggle everytime, the grammar nerd in me had to share lol

    HahaHa!!!! My sister and I share a pet peeve of misspelled words.... This made me think of you, sissy!



    This made me laugh so hard!

    yeah preach


    Biggest Pet Peeve