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    • A.J. Matthews

      My husband still lays his clothes on the bed, and gets exasperated to find a cat on them. We've been together almost 11 years. And have had a cat for all but three months of that time. So when I hear him fuss, "get off my clothes you stupid cat!" I have to wonder: "Who's the real dummy?"

    • Chloe Ogden

      I have to say...this is one of the most annoying things about owning an animal! I lay an article of clothing on the bed, turn around to grab a pair of shoes, and bam! ALL.OVER.IT.

    • Anna Adams

      Its funny how cats always lie directly on top of your clothes that you set out!

    • Sasha Pyatt

      My cat immediately goes for the clothes I lay on the bed.

    • Valleri Bowman

      I have seen this from my cat many, many times.

    • Sarah (Spiritually Healthy)

      Oh yeah, our cat does this all the time!

    • Brittany

      ^..^ All the time! Cats are such jerks.

    • Carrie Schroeder-Garcia

      ^..^. My cats do this alllll the time!!

    • Glenda Thornton

      Sure thing, kitty!

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