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8 Great Craft Quotes to Make You Smile.

Eight Great Craft Quotes

It's National Craft Month. Set the tone in your craft space with one of eight great craft quotes, or just pin them for when you need a smile.

hilarious craft memes–round 4

hilarious craft memes–round 4 (A girl and a glue gun)

hilarious craft memes–round 4

Craft studio

Oh so true Linda Bauwin - CARD-iologist Helping you create cards from the heart

Credits: Mother's Nest {Kit} by Paula Kesselring @ OScraps

This happens more & more often Created with Mother's Nest {Kit}[ link ] by Paula Kesselring @ OScrapsthanks so much for looking.

LostBumblebee: Black and White. Bitch'n Kitch'n.

Someone get me this as a tea towel, please. artdelacuriosite: Devise en cuisine posted by L’Art de la Curiosité

I was ready to take on the world until I saw something sparkly - PINBACK BUTTON or MAGNET - 1.25 inch round

but im pretty sure that crosses a line! isnt the elf supposed to watch the kids be good.not give them evil ideas LOL~!

Given Enough Glue Stick Free Printable

Free Inspirational Printables For The Crafter In Your Life

OMG yes. #funny  http://pishposhbaby.com

OMG yes. #funny http://pishposhbaby.com


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and when did this b.s become acceptable?

"The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence." Charles Bukowski So true