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  • As Time Goes By

    Sun's rays shining through a kelp field to a coral reef below

  • Ariana Barreca

    Underwater photography

  • Social Toolchest

    Raja Ampat, Papua. Gorgeous! #stunning #photography #awesome

  • Lila'sDream

    Miks' Pics "Nature Scenes l" board @

  • Bette

    Stunning undersea pic of Raja Ampat Islands (Four Kings), West Papua, Indonesia. Supposed to be an ideal place for scuba diving.

  • Rebecca Kelly

    Ocean photography

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Bora Bora, French Polynesia is best place if you are into the underwater world!

Underwater landscape by Voritex, via Flickr #ocean #water

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"Sunlight coming in from the Academy's central square cast beautiful rays on the massive viewing pane of the Philippine Coral Reef. Solar energy powers the whole reef ecosystem. Algae is eaten by small invertebrates and herbivorous fish which are then eaten by carnivorous which expel nutrients which is then used up by the algae again. It's the circle of reef life!" By NMB.Photography

Out beyond the water’s edge Far out past the coral bench Underneath the diamond dancing lights Chase the world from far below Silence sleeping in the glow Drifting down into the endless night.

A pack of Atlantic Sailfish (Istiophorus albicans) hunt Sardines.

Wow: for me this totally encapsulates the beauty of a summer holiday ... I love that all I can hear when I look at this shot is the muffled sound of being under water ...

I would live under the sea, after all - I am a water baby. (Aquarius Jan 29)

Sea tubeworm ~ photo by Pietro.Cremone, via Flickr

Abstract Underwater 2 // Vince Cavataio