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  • Shreya Shivangi

    beautiful water picture!

  • Noell .

    "......and in one deep breath she just let go"

  • Serena Piavani

    ophelia // Vlada Roslyakova by Greg Kadel for Numero #94, June 2008

  • Candace Birdsong

    Rita's Mood & Inspiration: Ophelia, Death In A Secret Garden....

  • Catherine Alice Fontenot

    Photo shoot - fabric & water. Already did a photo shoot just like this . . . cliche?

  • Women's Fashion

    fashion photography with water | black and white photographers abstract photographers product photographer nature photographers professional photographers family photographers fine art photographers urban photographers

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In Greek mythology, Bolbe (Greek: Βόλβη) was an extremely beautiful Lake Goddess or Nymph who dwelled in a Thessalian lake of the same name (modern Lake Volvi). She was the daughter of Oceanus and Tethys. Like other lake Gods and Goddesses, Bolbe's offspring were Limnades who are Nymphs living in fresh water lakes. According to Athenaeus, Bolbe was the mother of Olynthus by Heracles.

Prova Ophelia III by Marga López, via Flickr

“Awake, O sleeper, rise up from the dead, and Christ will give you light.” Ephesians 5:14

Ophelia ~ Hamlet what if dead ophelia is soaking weT????

30 0ff SALE Autumn Decor Fine Art Print by ImagineStudio, $30.00

Chalchiuhtlicue ("She of the Jade Skirt") was an Aztec goddess of love, beauty, youth, lakes, rivers, seas, streams, horizontal waters, storms, and baptism. She was also a Goddess of Childbirth and protector of labouring women. Chalchiutlicue's association with both water and fertility is derived from the Aztecs' common association of the womb with waters. This dual role gave her both life-giving and a life-ending role in Aztec mythology.

I always wore MY best summer outfit into the pool too. of the first water

Her body lay dead as the water rippled around her. Flowers danced along the waves as her insides decay. I never saw it coming, i never thought i could actually kill her.