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The Future of Farming #infographic

The Future of Farming #infographic #Farming #Technology

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The robot butler that can bring you your drink

Is the age of robotic BUTLERS upon us? | Importantly, the machine does far more than fetching and carrying, for it has been programmed to be a friend, providing emotional support to someone living alone. [Future Robots: Robots for Home:]

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The Future of Work? The Robot Takeover is Already Here

The Future of Work? The Robot Takeover is Already Here — Medium


Emotional Humanoid Robots : Emo Robot

Emotional Humanoid Robots | Alderbaran Created the World's First Emo Robot [Future Robots: Robotics Books: Robots for Home: Artificial Intelligence:]

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Our robot overlords will take over in 100 YEARS, warns Stephen Hawking

Our robot overlords will take over in 100 YEARS: Stephen Hawking warns computers could control humans within a century | Professor Stephen Hawking's comments were made today at the Zeitgeist 2015 conference in London and follows a previous warning that artificial intelligence could spell the end for humanity. [The Future of Robotics: Artificial Intelligence News:]


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I love me some Robots.