Emerald from Columbia




Amethyst Crystal Ball

wow emerald cluster on calcite - coscuez mine, colombia

Lightning Ridge Solid Gem Crystal Opal Calibrated 9 x 7mm A very bright and clean piece of Gem Crystal Opal, playing beautiful greens interlaced with hints of mauve.

Beryl var. Emerald gem crystals on Quartz matrix / Brumado, Bahia, Brazil

Emerald with Calcite

Emerald with Calcite from Columbia / Mineral Friends <3

Dioptase crystal / Christmas Mine, Arizona

Chrome Euclase from Muzo Emerald mine in Columbia


Amethyst and Fluorite

Emerald crystals with Pyrite (unique) / Colombia

Cluster of Natural Emerald

Dioptase from Tsumeb, Namibia

Emerald, Colombia

Beryl Emerald

Atacamite - looks like Emerald City... http://www.veraclasse.it/pinterest/