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    "Giffing things, hijacking posts, the family business." Basically, you can list any two things and then add "The family business" afterwards and I will become your friend. | Community Post: Definitive Proof That The "Supernatural" Fandom Has A GIF For Everything

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Seriously though. Fan art is amazing.

Because... | 18 Things Only People Who Read To Escape Will Understand

Don't skip 9


Look what happens when Freddy meets his match...Mob men think of drowning Aqua Man.. Spidey tried to shave-smart lol.. Haha.. Rofl :-D

The way he said it. So polite. Reminds me of what I would do. Someone puts me in prison and I apologize to them for escaping! So me! Lol

Supernatural fandom

Cas is great.

Merlin Arthur

The fandoms meet again.

This is actually beautiful

#Supernatural #Cast

Interesting.... Johns last words..."im proud of you." Deans last words.."im proud of us." #Supernatural #SPN

We hijacked yet another post xD

Supernatural fandom

Dean and Death: a bromance :) this has broken me :'/

Sherlock and Dean the ultimate face off.

Ok, not that funny, but still

No, he's not still bitter, not at all...

Ha, fantastic!

And the nerdiest vandalism of the year. | The 32 Nerdiest Jokes Of 2013

If Disney princesses had moms!

Misha Collins on the red carpet.

Funny Supernatural tumblr comments! Click through! They're hilarious!