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Supernatural - sums it up perfectly haha you can almost hear Bobby saying "idjits" this is so hilarious I love this show

Cas, Dean, and Sam on a show. It would be one heck of a show.

"I said get. The Hell. OUT!" ||| Supernatural 9x10 "Road Trip"

Living dead woman... Sounds like a case. *the whole Supernatural fandom flocks to that person'a house with suits and fake IDs*

With all my current Avengers obsessing, I almost forgot about the Winchesters!

LOL!! I think this post has convinced me to watch supernatural. | Supernatural fandom hijacks another tumblr post.

All the Single Ladies ~ Jensen, Jared and Misha ~Supernatural ~ LMAO!!!!! ♥

The Supernatural Family Has a GIF for Everything [I can even think of a better one for My Little Pony, lol! When Sam and Dean had to drive that one car that Dean hated, there was a toy pony hanging up that Dean angrily threw back xD ]

Supernatural!! Dean in gym shorts! does not matter what dean wears he is hot!

Supernatural!>>> ok how many shows can say that they had an episode like this???