pretty dreads


Lovely ! I'm in love with how beautiful these dreads are, shows you that if you take care of your locs they will grow

I only really like this one hairstyle out of all of these. I will never have enough hair to pull it off...but you know...daydream...

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Purple pastel.....xoxo

Sometimes, dreads look really good when done right. I still don't like dreads, but they're interesting.



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Want to grow out my hair to this, but without the dreads, and shaved on both sides. The dreads are still awesome though.

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tried dreads and unfortunately was a fail...still in love with the natural beauty and exoticness they have!

This girl had dreads for over 10 years and then was able to comb them out!

Everytime I see beautiful girls with dread locks, I want dreds more and more. One day...

a total beaut, and GREAT dreads!


This is cute, but I would never dread my kids hair.

This is about the color that I want when I dread, but a little more natural looking.

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