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  • Mary Alexandra Moon

    Super hero socks! #Batman #WonderWoman #Superman #Robin #socks #capes

  • Kristi Shults

    super hero socks!!! Melissa Newport you need the wonder women ones.

  • Christy Lynn

    These are so awesome. Super hero socks! I would so rock the Wonder Woman socks!

  • Kerry Hutmacher

    Super Hero socks with a cape! I want these...well atleast the batman ones

  • Vicki Rudder

    Check out these unusual Superhero Socks, which are sold complete with little mini capes. They come in Superman, Batman, Robin and Wonder Woman varieties. I need these for crazy sock day!

  • Audrey Ryerson

    super hero socks!!! To go with Zoe's superhero cape?

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*CONT* I love my style, and I don't care what anyone says about how I dress as long as it's kind words. I don't prefer wearing bandeus and crop tops because I don't need a bunch of bandeus and I have some crop tops, but I usually use them for dance or I wear a cami underneath. Girls these days are dressing so they show a lot of skin, which is innapropriate, especially if they're under 18. *STYLE TIPS IN NEXT PIN*

If don't think I'd wear these shoes, then you don't know, at all. LOVE BATMAN!

Winter Wear: Pretty in Pink! Baby Pink Pea Coat with skirted bottom, black leggings tucked into black platform booties and shrugged black knit hat.

I love the little blue bows - now just to find the right kind of socks to make this look happen

I need to get myself some leg warmers now.

by Tsocktsarina. Not the most wearable, but definitely the most talked-about socks on the block!

Knitted Boot Socks Women's Long Over The Knee Boot Socks with Wooden Buttons for Stocking Stuffers

@Julienne Baldwin. you soooo needed these!!!! TEAL boot socks with lace!

Knee High Boot Socks Hand Knit Norwegian Design You Pick Color. $136.00, via Etsy.

I could get behind the heels, bracelet, and bow-tie - - - but NO one would want to see me in that dress.

Ashi Dashi Notebook Knee Highs these have a rather subtle theme that could easily be overlooked but still so fun, also why not do one paper sock & one pencil sock, super nerdy fun