somebody with a kid PLEASE do this for halloween!

Old Man Kids Halloween Costume

Pinterest, You Are Drunk

Halloween is just around the corner! Awesome snack idea. Ghosts are bananas with chocolate chips. Minis for eyes and regular size for the mouth. Pumpkins are tangerines with a piece of celery for the stalk.

Not kidding when I say, # 20 is the best!!! "21 Halloween Costumes That Will Honestly Be Tough to Beat This Year"

Halloween MakeUp... cool hair!

A jellyfish costume...cutest thing ever.

Up - Halloween Costume, too cute.


Cute Little Clark Kent

omg....i just died

So funny!

Easy and cute costume idea for adults - Boo! The link shows you where to get an adult alternative of this kiddie outfit using wearable pieces

Best Halloween costume ever!

iPod Costumes - all kinds of awesomeness.

Best Halloween Costume ever!

Too funny.


65 Coolest DIY Illusion Halloween Costumes #halloween #diy #costume

Piñata costume...drop candy wherever you go! :) love it!

29 Homemade Halloween Costumes (for adults)