Life is Better When You Surf

don't be afraid to live you are meant for awesomeness ....if that's a word...let's just say it is <3

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Teenage surfer, April, 1971.

Life is better when you surf!

Surfing etiquette >> 4 lessons for surfers


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SOURCE Another week, and another color study. Loving this vintage surf print this morning. There’s something so care-free about it, that makes me really want to make a trip to California, and teleport through time, or something. The Beach Boys would definitely be played while on this adventure. Alright. Enough dreaming, back to work! It […]

Beauty Chat: Surfing Champ Stephanie Gilmore on How to Be a Beach Babe All Year Round with @ELLE Magazine (US) Magazine (US)

I wanna go surfing- pretty much sums it up- Why can't I live near the sea? :(