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Has to be the saw frame of a noble.

Instead of a jeweler's saw. Takes fine jeweler's blades.

New saw frames are finally ready! - SOBAONE

Greenlion studio new saw frame rocks it at the jewelers bench! 16g steel with a molded rubber handle is good looking, comfortable an efficient.

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Table top Jewelers bench setup

How to make a beautiful copper patina - seen at #Venturalambrate

Bevel scroll, Don Barker Mastercrafts article

Soldering Savvy- always wanted to learn to weld ..... guess this is not so intimidating ! or scary !

This is a *modern* collection of engraved chasing hammers collected by a gentleman named John Rohner. The detail is so lovely, you'd think they were done in the 1700's - when tools were as pretty as the objects they were used to create!

Beautiful Drill press

frame clamp

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If you take bits and tatters of vintage and well-loved lace, encase them in little soldered glass frames and embellish with creamy, vintage pearls, you are left with dear, nostalgic keepsakes...