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This is absolutely my favorite color to wear. It just looks so good on red heads. Too bad I only own about 2 articles of clothing in this color. :-(

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Red Hair Color Ideas

How to Ombre Red Hair | Red Hair Color Ideas

Hello! I am Princess Tessa of Miona, and I'm 16... 17 soon! Our kingdom is not large, but it does prosper. I am stubborn and whimsical, my favorite place being outside. My nickname is Daisy, but only my greatest friends earn the permission to call me this. Most find me a bit... odd. I consider myself enthusiastic. I am not ready to run a kingdom... my father claims I need to get my head out of the clouds. So, I've been sent here. I don't mind though...I love to laugh. It's my favorite thing…

Such a rich color. #hair #red #color...... AUDREY FAVORITE,... if u can pull it off !!

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Big Night Out Shoot From Flower Couture