75 Extraordinary Uses for Baking Soda

Les astuces nettoyage du bicarbonate de soude !


Pinner says, "Cleaning your toilet with coca cola will get out the nastiest stains! One pinner said: "I had my cousin try it when they bought a house and the toilets were disgusting, this trick left the toilets looking like new! I have also used Coke for cleaning soot off of the fireplace heat box, or outdoor grill. cleaning product!... I say: maybe not a good idea to drink CocaCola

75 Uses for Baking Soda

Use 1TBS peroxide and 2 1/4 TBS baking soda, and soak nails for 5 minutes...leaves nails white. I hate when polish stains my nails.

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Le bicarbonate de soude : 1 Il blanchit les dents ! 2 Il soulage les brûlures d’estomac ! 3 Il soigne les aphtes ! 4 Le bicarbonate peut faire office de déodorant 5 Les bains de bicarbonate détendent ! 6 Il soigne les mycoses ! 7 Il adoucit le feu du rasoir ! 8 Il soulage les pieds douloureux ! 9 Il est bon pour la peau ! 10 Il améliore la santé des cheveux ! 11 On peut l’utiliser sans risque en cuisine

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cornstarch/baking soda clay that dries like porcelain, beautiful white

Pinners added: Try with baking soda instead? Who knew baby powder had so many other great uses?

It's great when you find things around the house that can work for multiple uses. Like baking soda, for example. This humble powder is good for much more than your recipes. Got crayon marks on the wall? A little baking soda and they're gone. Rub your fruits and veggies with a mixture of water and baking powder to clean off any remaining pesticides. Want more multipurpose uses for baking soda? Get 18 clever baking soda hacks from eBay.

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A Mum 'n the Oven: Tip of the Day #72: Grout Cleaner

Sticky Trap I needed this solution this past fall/winter. I lost a couple of my precious babies to these aggravating pests!

How to make it Cut the top from a clear 2-liter soda bottle. Find a flowerpot that fits inside the dome. Fill the pot with potting soil, then plant the seeds according to the packet directions. Place the pot on a saucer and poke in a craft stick marker. Slip the dome over the pot. Be sure to water the soil when it looks dry.

For a great tile grout cleaner, mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide into a paste, and scrub the grout with the paste and a toothbrush. http://www.onegoodthingbyjillee.com/2012/05/the-countless-uses-for-baking-soda-besides-baking.html#

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