Goldwell hair color. Dark hair purple highlights I don't think there is any color that would work with my hair color. I LOVE the blues or purples- but my hair is too light. Dammit.

Swedish pigtails.

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colored ombre hair

Oh man....I am totally dying my hair now...but what to pick?!?!

Pastel Blue Hair

Pretty pastel mint green hair with purple dipped dyed ends

crazy hair color ideas


Some people can pull off green hair quiet nicely and with the hair accessories, it looks even better!


via Lovely died locks

love her hair!!

red and black

photo.JPG by ugg-off, via Flickr. Justice has random green and blue slices throughout, with one striped chunk and a few ombré chunks thrown in.

Good ideas!

purple, green, blue. Hair colors, colorful hair, two toned hair...--of only I could pull this off !!!

purple w/ blue hair

<3 colorful hair