2,000 gallons of rainwater--WOW

Gallon of water, 1 chopped onion add to gal of water. let it sit under the sun for 3days and spray it over your veg plants, n flowers to keep bugs from eating the leaves. I personally used it on the lawn and around the windows n doors to keep the bugs n mosquitoes away and it worked. I read this in magazine from old sturbridge village. Cant recall what year

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#Preppers/Survivalist: DIY - Water collection & filtration. http://dunway.us/kindle/html/frugal1.html

How To Make A Heavy Duty 275 Gallon RAIN BARREL Project » The Homestead Survival

Thinking I might do this on top of the chicken coop!! What a great way to keep them cooler in the summer and warm in the winter!!!

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Small Storage Sheds • Ideas & Projects! With lots of Tutorials!

Storing root cellar foods.

The eco-fit yard after picture. I love that they call rain barrels "water butts"


Front or back raised flowerbeds so when they overflow with rain water it drains! Let the water sing.

Water Ring. The 5-gallon reservoir prevents the dry-out that stunts growth, you can add fertilizer a little at a time to promote strong root development.

water your garden with wine bottles instead of those 'globes'

Water Storage Tanks 185, 250, and 500 gallons

Interesting fence

100-Year-Old Way to Filter Rainwater in a Barrel. If you want filtered water right from a rain barrel this is for you. This 100 year old tip is a classic

Shed with solar panels running power to our home and rain collection barrels to supply vegetable garden.Click To Enlarge

Making hot water from your Wheelie compost bin

Rainwater collection system

It is time to start thinking about rain and rain catchment systems. You can save a lot of money by installing one or two rain barrels. Once you get two in tandem going it is not too long before the idea of gravity feed can come into play. Rain barrels can be stacked to create more water pressure. You could fill a washer or a toilet if you rigged them right. Water would have to be filtered and purified for drinking. For local rain barrels check out got rain?