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On my left

On My Left Greeting Card

"Since things don't always go Right, it's nice to have someone like You on my left." Leigh Standley is the artist, writer and owner of Curly Girl Design, Inc. Curly Girl Design and Leigh’s line of cle

All Of Their Days

All Of Our Days Together Canvas

All Of Their Days

Curly Girl Working In

Curly Girl Working In

For everyone fabulous

The day you were born, the World had to make room for a little more fancy - curly girl

Faith & Fancy Card

These greeting cards make me smile. They tell the story of our lives perfectly .

Very thankful for Katherine who saw through the wall.

Sneak Peek #2 - Spring 2011

The offical website of Curly Girl Design. Cleverly colorful cards and art. Fabulous products for imperfectly delightful living.

love curly girl

A little freshen up - Sneak Peek

Curly Girl Designs collection of whimsical and clever cards. Nothing says it quite like Curly Girl, find that perfect greeting card today!