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15 Wonderful Mermaid Illustrations

Yet another mermaid? I know, sorry, but this Asian themed mer is just so enchanting, I can't help but include her as a yet another potential fairy-tale character in my Amphibians novel.

This is concept art for illustrated novel `Ninemia` a modern fairy tale for older teens with elements of romance, mystery and adventure, set in a magical world with merfolk and humans .

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Mermaid Art Print Golden Tangerine Orange Mermaid Reading

Sara m butcher, quiet time. Etsy listing at

Atargatis was in love with a human shepherd but accidentally killed him. Out of guilt, the goddess flung herself into the ocean hoping to become a fish. But her beauty was so great, that she never could fully become a fish. Instead she became half goddess, half fish, with a tail below the waist and human body above the waist.