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  • Lynell

    Cute youtube video about the power of working together. Can't wait to show this b/4 our first team building activity this year.

  • ƙıɱცɛཞƖყ ῳɛცɛཞ

    Video about the power of working together. Great for discussions of playground behavior, standing up for each other.

  • Joy Kielcheski

    Teaching kids the power of teamwork. Cute video clips.

  • Joaquin

    Cute youtube video about the power of working together... Habit 6: Synergize! Group Working Together/Helping Each Other

  • Gymnast Girl🏆

    Very Funny Teamwork ~

  • Renee Choi

    Youtube video clips about the power of working together. {features crabs, ants, and penguins} teamwork

  • Leni Kormentzas-Verri

    MATH/SCIENCE Teaching Strategy - Grades K-12 My students are freshmen to juniors and I showed them this as a transition in class and they loved it! They laughed so hard at the crabs! This is a great way to get the students engaged again before moving to another step or learning goal. Found on Pinterest.

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