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    For frozen sidewalks and steps.

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    • Mary Mastroeni, Realtor

      'Tis the season TO BE FROZEN! Strongly recommend checking out some of these creative ideas to beat the many snow storms coming our way this winter!

    • Fern Larson

      Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius � 20 Pics. Not real sure about the getting the snow off the steps thing, but I will try it..

    • Nancy Evans

      I know it's not winter, but this idea just might work...and be cheaper than rock salt!

    • Sandra Ellington

      Tips for Winter. Don't know about Dawn on icy steps, may just forget about that one!

    • Laura

      Consider this alternative to sidewalk salt. And many more brilliant winter ideas!!

    • Kelly Davey

      Why isnt everyone doing this?!?!?! ... and more winter tips!

    • Miss Elizabeth

      Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius � Icy Sidewalk Cure

    • Rae's Bands Boutique

      How to naturally de-ice steps | DIY Life Hacks

    • Bride Eagle

      Tips- no more Icy steps in winter--

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    For icy steps and sidewalks in freezing temperatures, mix 1 teaspoon of Dawn dishwashing liquid, 1 tablespoon of rubbing alcohol, and 1/2 gallon hot/warm water and pour over walkways. They won’t refreeze. No more salt eating at the concrete in your sidewalks

    sidewalk de-icer

    DIY Glass Cleaner | In a spray bottle, mix together 1 cup rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol, 1 cup water, and 1 tablespoon white vinegar | from 31 Household Products You'll Never Have To Buy Again


    FROZEN SLIME- What could be more fun than super sparkly, ultra oozy, and delightfully ICY Frozen themed slime?  For my two Frozen movie fanatics not much! {A Must try activity for Frozen lovers}

    To make your own washer fluid, you just need to mix a gallon of water with 1 tablespoon of dish washing liquid and ½ cup of ammonia (for anti freeze or vinegar. You can also add a few drops of food coloring so that you know what the liquid is for.

    DIY Frozen Wreath! So simple and so SO beautiful!

    Baby steps towards minimalism.

    Step by step instructions on how to build this!

    Super Shine Serum by onegoodthingbyjillee #House_Cleaning

    I LOVE Dawn! Many step-by-step directions to clean your home!

    Sharpie & rubbing alcohol Project!

    DIY Ice smelter voor uw windshild

    Hate Cleaning Your Oven Racks? Even if you are lucky enough to have a self cleaning over, you still have to clean the oven racks by hand. The Green Cleaning Coach has created this handy video to show you an easy way to clean them with just alcohol and an eco-sponge!  The alcohol will penetrate into the built up grease and the sponge’s abrasive effect will scrape away any burnt food.

    Next step: reorganize.

    Home-made alcohol stove

    Make Your Own Wrinkle Releaser

    Don't forget to clean your Cell Phones! THEY ARE DIRTY! Interestingly, skin care experts + dermatologists can tell which side you use most when talking on the phone. Take a quick minute to wipe it down with a dab rubbing alcohol on a cloth! It will kill the bacteria and save you a lot of time in the long run! BE SURE TO DO THIS BEFORE HANDING IT TO THE BABY!!

    How to Clean a Totally Gross Paintbrush | Clean a Paintbrush | Don't throw away that gunky paintbrush! Use this method to clean a paintbrush even if you think there is no hope for it!

    Take a spray bottle, fill it about 1/8th full with rubbing alcohol, add a drop of Dawn dishwashing soap, a few drops of scented oil (optional, but makes it smell so good), fill the rest of the way with water, shake together, and you're good to go! It makes your granite (or any countertop) shine and feel so smooth at a fraction of the price~I have loved it and use it on my appliances as well. Got this from Melissa at granvillehouse.blogspot. She is amazing!