Old-time railroader's breakfast by Aleksandr Slyadnev, via 500px


Sometimes the simplest vignettes are the most beautiful!

Bohemian Wornest

French bread baskets

"Baking bread -- I love this vintage looking picture of bread baking. I've been making bread all my life and still am always inspired by the smells, textures and tastes of homemade bread. If you haven't tried it yet, keep in mind that bread baking is actually very easy and also endlessly creative." from #KnittingGuru -- another kind of fiber art!

ρURE & ѕiMPle ℓiVE

Autumn Cottage Lantern.

Minakani Walls

Chocolate Chip Done Right

apples in the fall makes for simple but cute centerpieces... rake up those leaves and use them as decorations to compliment the apple baskets. Love this idea!

There's something magical about Autumn evenings when the shadows begin their entrance and the glowing lights flicker.

What a great twist on everyday cafe storage. I love the baskets turned face on. Economical but provincial. #Dépanneur | New York

candlelight coffee & tea break // perfect for winter afternoons when the sun fades so quickly


strawberry & vanilla jam

✿campestre - Appalachian Charm

vintage milk can

Tea time.

nuts & cheese