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Scratches in Plastic Shower Stalls

High-gloss acrylic shower enclosures are a step up from lightweight fiberglass showers, but most acrylic showers don't feel as substantial or luxurious as a shower made from Swanstone solid .

DIY Shower and Tub Refinishing: I Painted My Old 1970's Shower

DIY shower and tub refinishing isn't scary, after all! My home had an ugly shower. We couldn't afford to replace it, so we painted it with BathWorks!

Water spots and soap scum make fiberglass shower walls look dingy and leave behind an unattractive haze on glass shower doors. Hard water, which contains lime, calcium and other minerals, can make .

How to Remove Jet Tubs

Like any other type of tub, jetted tubs can become outdated or broken with time. The best thing to do when your jetted tub is no longer usable is to replace it. Removing any tub.

How to Paint Over a Fiberglass Shower Surround

Fiberglass shower surrounds can yellow over the years, becoming an unattractive blemish to an otherwise appealing bathroom. Instead of replacing the entire shower, you can bring.

Brush roll-on bathtub refinishing paint kit in high gloss colors includes a pro bonding agent primer, steel wool and gloves. 10 year life for use on bathtubs, ceramic tile, fiberglass showers and sinks. Waterproof and self-leveling.

How to Change the Color of a Fiberglass Tub & Shower Enclosure

How to Paint a Tub Surround. A tub surround is a great way to spruce up an older bathroom to give it a new look. Unfortunately, as time passes, the new tub surround can need a.

BATHROOM - TILE DOC®: XIM’s Patented Acrylic modified 2 part Epoxy, white Finish for Ceramic, Porcelain, Fiberglass and Acrylic surfaces. Made to hold up to HOT, Soapy Water. For refinishing tubs, sinks and shower areas.

10 Great Farm House Light Fixtures

My Father-in-law (who's an electrician/math teacher) is in the middle of hanging all of the fun light fixtures in the new house! We've had a good time shopping for chandeliers, wall sconces, ceiling fans, flush mounts,

After years of use, a shower stall can become stained from soap scum, rust and other sediment, become cracked, and can begin to lose portions of its surface.

How to Stain Your Patio to Look Like Tile

Staining an ugly patio to make it look like tile - adding to the honey do list for the summer/ Cabin lower porch!

How to Clean Fiberglass Shower and Bathtubs in ONE STEP! How to Clean Fiberglass shower and Bathtubs with no chemicals, Cheap, and easy!

How to Paint Over a Fiberglass Shower Surround

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Pop up Sink Toppers Check out this quick video showing how to do it. Yours is probably full of hair and you didn’t realize it!