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Elementary - Math strategies for addition. - We use this with our younger students to help them figure out how to count. We use it for counting up as well as counting down. We use this picture as a reminder of how they can figure out their answer. Each student uses a different strategy so it's nice to have hanging so everyone can benefit from this poster. Found on pinterest.

Great posters for helping teach addition strategies!! PERFECT for a math focus wall!

Here are Subtraction Strategies Posters to download (for Free! -from step into second grade)

@Shannonpb2 this is perfect for you since you have an addiction to flip flops lol Addition Strategies

Free shake and spill ladybug math mats for 4, 5, and 6 and a blank mat to fill in your own number.

There is no printable but seems easy enough to make: number sense - might be a great center activity for 1st grade math! Should always have one math center deal with basic facts. This one might need to be parent/para/teacher led until the students get used to how to do it.

good posters..may need these since I will be teaching these skills in second grade

This works!! This was my approach with my daughter this year for Kindergarten! We soared into 1st grade math quickly...How to solve math problems

Johnny Appleseed math activity ~ expand and chart separately the number of seeds for each apple - number graph