meme cake

I don't celebrate birthdays but I thought this was a pretty funny cake.

Poop Emoji Cupcakes

"Hot Chocolate" Mug Cakes!?! Cuteness overload! How creative and adorable! (They are actually titled "Chocolate Beer Mug Cakes" but we thought we would just switch up the title to make it a little more kid friendly!)

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Let's get very drunk #Quotes #IGIGI #IGIGIquotes

Monica's 21st beer mug birthday cake.

shut the front door! why haven't I thought of this before??

The best way to be brutally honest, and say all those mean things you've been meaning to say to someone, is very simple. Put it in a cake.

How to make a red velvet brain cake for Halloween.

birthday cakes14 I dont know if I want to eat these cakes or cry (21 photos)

Cake for the 50th birthday of a long-time firefighter. Buttermilk cake with strawberry filling and buttercream icing. Writing was a little shaky, but the cake was a hit.

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It's summer and don't wanna turn on the oven? And it's healthy, too! :)

Have a bearded man in your life? Make him a bearded birthday cake with crushed Oreo cookies.

birthday cake idea! amazing. -- I don't even drink and I LOVE this cake! Someone deserves an award in creativity!!

This would be so easy! You don't even have to make the Cookie Monster look fluffy! It appears even a rookie like me could do it!

Lost count cake topper- funny until someone takes out the "o" !

Moustache cake!! I moustache you to have a great birthday.

I was dying to make this cake, becasue I am...

A crazy cake lover makes an unbelievable lumberjack cake, after he upload the picture to the internet within 48 hours, it has been shared over a million times on social media. YES, EVEN THE AXE IS EDIBLE! Resource: