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This is an exact representation of my feelings when someone starts spewing their bullshit towards me

How I look when threading a needle!

A DAY WILL COME WHEN I DO NOT REPIN THIS, BUT IT IS NOT THIS DAY! No, actually that day will never come.

This is my all time favorite Friends episode. . . There's normal Chandler and then there's picture Chandler. . . So funny!!

Can A Person Learn To Be Photogenic? This makes me feel much better about some if those bad photos

All of a sudden that now makes a lot of sense

I can live with my arthritis and my dentures fit just fine. I can see with my bifocals but oh, how I miss my mind!

I was minding my own business when suddenly... a shark appeared

Curso de inglês para iniciantes! kkkkkkkkk adoreeeei!!!

فنون السعدي في الورقيات القديمة واللوح الخطية والزيتية النادرة: لـ المبدع ابراهيم السعدي خطاط وفنان ومدون وناشط . , راقب , أدرك مالايدرك...الآخرون