Quotation Marks Anchor Chart

Instead of 'said'

Digging Deep anchor chart

Main Idea Anchor Chart @aprilbyrd04

Quotation Marks Anchor Chart

They're Their & There anchor chart

Anchor chart

writers anchor charts

retelling anchor chart

Show Don't Tell emotions - great anchor chart

Cause and effect anchor chart

First Grade Friendly Froggies: Favorite Pins Friday! Wow...from 1st grade my 8th graders don't remember to do this

Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher: October 2012: Theme Anchor Chart

roots anchor chart

like this anchor chart and the source looks really promising too! All Things Upper Elementary: Teaching Theme: Anchor Chart

Novel response quick write starters!

Anchor Charts

literacy anchor charts | Reading Anchor Charts / anchor chart-evidence based terms and examples

anchor chart for writing workshop Joyful Learning

Lots of great anchor charts here!