How to make eyelashes for your Amigurumi dolls

Doll Hair Tutorial - created via

We make doll hair from the dissolved silk ribbon.

Beautiful eyes.. This is such a great blog with everything you need to know about making amigurumi , this particular tutorial is in Russian but the pictorial is very easy to follow :)

Eyelashes Attaching for dolls by on @deviantART

DIY Mini Ribbon Roses

Amigurumi Tutorial: How to Make Doll’s Hair from Satin Ribbon - PDF File, click "Doll’s hair from satin ribbon" here:

Teddy Bears Tutorials: Nose embroidery

Ojos muñeca

Learn to Crochet by Making Amigurumi Pattern GC45107 - Called “amigurumi” in Japan—translation “knitted doll”—little crocheted animals and dolls have become a favorite of collectors worldwide.

Crochet Edge ❥ 4U // hf

Doll wig tutorial

Amigurumi lamb

Amigurumi Hair Tutorial

Tutorial for stitching with no knots or tails -- clever, and obvious once you try it.


Amigurumi Tutorial: How to Sew Limbs - PDF File, click: "How to sew limbs on Bratz inspired doll" here:

Amigurumi DIY by AngieGurumi: Amigurumi nose and mouth.

These amigurumi birds are so cute!!