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Soooo true! I learned Spanish as my second language via immersion (teaching and traveling in South American countries) and I think this helps me better understand the children I teach who have autism.

from Autism Mumma (Jeannette)

Thursday 8th November – squabbles blooming squabbles

This perfectly describes what a student with autism would feel in a normal classroom.

Mothers of children with autism have stress levels comparable to combat veterans. Not so much anymore...he's doing SO much better...but early on? Absolutely, I can believe it!

In the heart of a meltdown, acknowledge how your child feels with words. For example, I can tell you are upset because you weren't expecting this (your personal example). Verbally confirming the reason for the child's frustration helps the child to feel they are heard, and calms things so you can work towards resolving the situation.

from Parenting Chaos

Understanding High Functioning Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorders can be...well confusing. No two children are alike. No two cases are the same. Doctors are still figuring out the ins and outs of the spectrum. Misinformation is plentiful. It can definitely be a beautiful mess to navigate.