Faith + Christian fish tattoo - I want this on my foot!

Minus the shading

Small heart flower and white dove tattooed on ankle

Infinity tattoo with faith. Love it.

I like the font for my Shakespeare tat

2pcs THINK POSITIVE Faith Cross - InknArt Temporary Tattoo - set wrist quote tattoo body sticker fake tattoo wedding tattoo small tattoo

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Yes! Tattoo of the word 'faith' in shape of a cross. Let your faith be bigger than your fears.

Cross tattoo with 4 Christian fish :) LOVE THIS!

faith tattoo.

walk by faith


Check out Faith tattoo idea on wrist. We add new tattoo designs on a daily basis. Some of the coolest tattoos you will ever see.

sister tattoo... not foot though! Ouch!I think me and my sisters should do this!

If I were to get a tattoo- I've always wanted this one! I love tattoos that have personal meaning, elegant, something you will always love but also something that can be hidden for the right occasions...

Walk by Faith.

Love this! tattoos

Two hearts joined together by a cross - keeping Christ the center of all relationships. (love this idea :)

Yup:) This is definitely happening...but on my foot!

Let it Be! In love!

First Tattoo...."by Grace" Rom. 6:14