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Manila during February 8-12, 1945. U.S. Army Nurses from Bataan and Corregidor, freed after three years imprisonment in Santo Tomas Interment Compound, climb into trucks as they leave Manila, Luzon, P.I., on their way home to the U.S. The nurses are wearing new uniforms given to them to replace their worn out clothes. [12 February 1945]

February 1945 in Manila: an American GI rescues an injured Filipino girl In February 1945, the Japanese forces in Manila defied their orders from General Yamashita to withdraw and in all just a little over 10,000 Japanese Marines and IJA stragglers remained in the city. These soldiers then went on a killing spree that spared no one and became known as the Manila Massacre (known to some as the Sack of Manila).

A nurse is getting some sleep on the frontline (1939-1945)

Women's Uniform. Circa 1945 - This is a WAC (Woman's Army Corps) uniform, missing coller insignia and ribbons indicate the owner also served during the US occupation of Germany after the war.

Feb. 7, 1945, Japanese shelling of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines, after the Americans liberated it.

Female Captain in Medical Services of the Soviet army, 1945

Auschwitz, Poland, 1945, Children After Their Liberation by the Red Army

A classic 1930s - 40s red cross uniform. #vintage #nurse #Red_Cross #uniform

German army uniform (WW1) A soldier in German army uniform from around the period of World War 1 (1914-1918)

Young German "Flakhelfer" gunner is searched after being taken prisoner by US forces near Berlin, March 1945.

Canadian Women's Army Corps operating the telephone switchboard at Canadian Military Headquarters, London, 1945.

World War II US Army Nurse Corps duty uniform. In "A Memory Between Us," Lt. Ruth Doherty wears this uniform on the wards.

1945, 18-year-old Princess Elizabeth II convinced her father that she should be allowed to contribute directly to the war effort. She joined the Women's Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) where she was known as Second Subaltern Elizabeth Windsor, trained as a driver & drove a military truck while she served. This training was the first time she had been taught together with other students.

Two young women in uniform returning home from Manila to Brisbane, Australia, 1946.

The Army needs more nurses and all women can help! Saturday Evening Post, 5/19/1945 ~

These are field hospital nurses. They arrived in France via England and Egypt after three years of wartime service. Photograph taken by Parker, August 12, 1944.

Southampton Nurse; Delightfully flouncy uniform circa late 1890's

During the hard street fighting against Japanese strongpoints at the New Police Station, Pandacan district, GIs of the 129th Infantry Regiment, 37th Infantry Division, climb through some Japanese barbed wire in Manila, Philippines. 13 February 1945.

Women's Cadet Nurse American Uniform . 1941-45

Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna Romanov in a Nurse's Uniform.

Japanese army soldier in winter uniform, early-mid 1930s, Manchuria.