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True story... well, not really. Benjamin Franklin was actually talking about wine and spirits in general. But it still works :-)

ha ha. Shannon Gleason, this reminded me of our 40 night in Mexico

If you ever see me drinking a Bud Lite Lime, I have been kidnapped and am trying to signal you.

Spilling a full beer... A sad moment in everyone's life. Only topped by someone spilling beer on you that you can't do anything about

Love the retro look of this beer "ad."


I have kind of gotten tired of these keep calm posters,but I figured this one was worth pinning:)

Funny Confession Ecard: I will never understand decaf coffee or non alcoholic beer.

Beer from the makers of Jack Daniel's

Beer idea | KEEP CALM and HAVE A BEER" printed in dark red on a Cold Glass of Beer ...

Keep calm...oh wait hahahahahaha Lol witnessed similar at the beginning of my shift today, dramatic queen(in my mind) was the nurse too!!!