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How To Peel, Cut, Core, and Dice: 20 Tips & Technniques for Fruit and Veggie Prep

Peeling, Cutting, & Dicing: 20 Tips & Techniques for Fruit and Vegetable Prep

Helpful tips on how to prepare fruits and veggies! How To Peel, Cut, Core, and Dice: 20 Tips & Techniques for Fruit and Vegetable Prep

Organic Living On A Budget | Is Buying Organic Worth The Cost? | Live Healthier

Is Buying Organic Worth The Cost?

The best time to buy fruits and vegetables are when they are in season. Buying out of season fruits and vegetables encourages the consumption of chemically ripened food. Sometimes, it can't be helped, but it's a good fact to know.

Butternut squash can be so hard to work with! Here's how to safely peel and cut them. On #cooking #howto #fall

How to Peel and Cut a Butternut Squash ~ Butternut squashes can be intimidating to cut, can't they? Here's a safe and sure method.

Who would have known?

Funny pictures about Those annoying fruit stickers. Oh, and cool pics about Those annoying fruit stickers. Also, Those annoying fruit stickers.

I love Cilantro and this is the way I keep it fresh... Cut an 1/8 inch off the stems, place in a mason jar with water covering at least an inch of the bottom stems; cover loosely with a plastic veggie bag or Ziploc and keep refrigerated. Will stay fresh for weeks. MUST do this!!!

A simple method for keeping Cilantro fresh longer ! Place in a small jar of water, covered with a plastic sandwich bag & place in refrigerator ! Remains fresh for just over 4 weeks !

Pantry or Frig

Where to store fresh produce! This is a helpful guide for keeping your produce as fresh as possible. This is so handy!

worlds easiest hard boiled eggs! never peel them one by one again!!

MAKE EASY-TO-PEEL BOILED EGGS. Easiest Boiled Eggs - including the easiest way to shell them perfectly - I have been using this method for more years than I care to tell you!

Know your knife cuts! #WorstCooks

Know Your Knife Cuts [Infographic]

Put the cut avocado in an airtight container with a piece of onion, cover with a lid and store in the refrigerator. It should keep for a couple of days. Onions contain sulfur, which prevents the enzyme from interacting with the air.

25 Brilliant Kitchen Hacks That Will Help You Waste Less Food / Store cut avocado with cut onion: sulfur from the onion keeps the brown away.a light sprinkle of apple cider vinegar also works.

How to Cut a Pineapple. I need this since that tool I bought (to core & slice all at one time)!

How to Cut a Pineapple

Step by step guide on how to cut a pineapple! I always avoid buying an entire pineapple b/c they're a pain to cut up - this will make things much easier!

1. Thoroughly wash the veggies and shake them off the best you can in the sink.  2. Place the washed veggies in a gallon ziplock bag.  3. Put a couple of clean, dry paper towels in the bag with the veggies.  Voila! Your veggies have been saved! The paper towel does all the work. The only effort you make is to just check on it every few days and if the paper towel is soaked, switch it out with a dry one.

Save your Fruits and Veggies with the Paper Towel Trick

Save your Fruits and Veggies with the Paper Towel Trick. I learned about wrapping zucchini individually in paper towels, putting a towel in a bag, etc from my Mom. Buy the cheapy towels for veggies and so you don't use up the good ones.

Making Mixes 101~ A large list of mixes you can make yourself from SCRATCH instead of buying them at the store

10+ Homemade Convenience Mixes

Heart, Hands, Home: Mix recipes Making Mixes 101 (and a brownie mix recipe!) making your own mixes allows you to control the quality and the ingredients making them adaptable to special diets or allergies.

How to Pick Out Perfect Vegetables

How to Pick Out Perfect Vegetables (NutriBullet Blog)

What to Look For When Buying Vegetables - How To Pick Out Perfect Vegetables (Infographic)

I can never get that white, waxy coating off grapes when washing them. So I set out to find a way to thoroughly wash grapes the proper way! All you need is some baking soda and salt and your grapes will be scrubbed clean in no time.

How to Wash Grapes the Right Way

To wash grapes: Add tsp salt. tsp baking soda to rinse water. Rinse the salt and baking soda off. All clean!


27 Ways To Make Your Groceries Last As Long As Possible

Keep Bananas Fresh Longer - Cut a piece of plastic wrap about the size of your palm. Wrap the plastic tightly at the top/crown of the bananas. Carefully remove and replace the plastic cling wrap each time you get a banana. Enjoy days longer than usual!