A Place Called Kindergarten: Handwriting Practice

Alphabet - What a fun way for Preschool & Kindergarten kids practice identifying their letters with these free printable Worksheets for kids. Kids will love using bingo marker in this Alphabet Letter Find kids activity perfect for homeschoolers.

Free Alphabet Letter & Picture Tracing

"Roll and Trace" Activity

Lots of ideas for Kindergarten centers

FREE A-Z Handwriting Sheets! Just print, place in sleeve protectors and use with a dry erase marker to save paper and offer LOTS of practice!

rainbow writing (did something similar to this with the alphabet when one of my nanny charges were in kindergarten --- except they picked the color traced the letter 3 times, said the letter name and sound(s), repeated with at least 4 other colors), so I love this for learning spelling words. Could make writing them so much more fun and exciting.

handwriting practice. Love it!

Number Recognition

This website lets you type anything you want, then print it so your preschooler can practice writing. Very cool to learn their name, address, family names, etc.

Kindergarten Stars!: Read, Write, Build

Letter Sort

End of the Year Kindergarten Assessment - Beginning of the Year 1st Grade Assessment

What a fun way to get some small motor practice early in the school year! Free Robot Worksheet - Handwriting Practice

Kindergarten RTI: Letter Identification & Recognition. Very cool letter book. Lexi is no where CLOSE to Kindergarten, but this is perfect for her level right now. This would def keep her happy on the road trips too.

letter recognition

Letter hunt with do-a-dot markers

Shake the letters and see if you can make a CVC word!