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    New Zealand WW1 recruiting posters

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    • brodie williams

      Vintage WW1 poster, enlisting British men. I like how worn and old the background has been made to look, this is something i would like to use and experiment with in my own work. The background causes everything else in the foreground to stand out like its supposed to, such as the imagery of the lions and the bold serif text.

    • Sarah Jane

      The Parliamentary Recruiting Committee produced this First World War poster. Designed by Arthur Wardle (1860-1949), the poster urges men from the Dominions of the British Empire to enlist in the war effort.

    • Austin Kile

      1st World War Propaganda - British Empire calls the Young Lions across its large sovereign territory. This very much reminds me of the Lion King and how Simba comes back as an older more mature to reclaim his pride form his uncle Scar and his friends help him to reclaim his rightful position.

    • Mark K

      British Poster encouraging men from the Empire to enlist in the First World War (1916)

    • Alice

      A clever British WWI recruitment poster appealing for help from the Commonwealth.

    • Cathy Patzlaff

      "The Empire Needs Men" ~ British WWI recruiting poster aimed at US men.

    • Christian Fabrice Albin

      Empire Needs Men. WWI recruiting poster.

    • Angela Lee

      Georgetown: Propaganda posters

    • Katie

      WWI poster

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