Old fashioned Dinner

Wringer washing machines...women had to be careful not to get their fingers or hair caught in the wringer.

Mrs. Beasley & Buffy from Family Affair

Magnificent memories of a much simpler time! :)

Heels & dress to go to the store. I was dressed like this little girl...dress & little white socks...but I wore tennis or saddle shoes. 1950's.

retro gal

1956 Swanson TV Dinner original vintage advertisement. Fried chicken dinner includes one drumstick or thigh, portion of breast and wing with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables. No work before, no dishes after!


Combination television, radio & cocktail set. Chicago, 1951.

September 1938. "Farm wife washing clothes. Lake Dick Project, Arkansas." 35mm negative by Russell Lee, Farm Security Administration.

“Station Wagon Picnic,” art by Mauro Scali, detail from American Weekly Magazine cover - June 24, 1956

"And she keeps it gleaming"

A scene of mid-century domestic bliss if ever there was. #vintage #1950s #family #homemaker

The pic is idyllic.

Remember Sunday dinners? Either the relatives came to your house or you went to theirs!

Family Style: 1943 March 1943. Rochester, New York. "The Babcocks at the dinner table." Continuing the saga of war worker Howard Babcock and his family. Large-format negative by Ralph Amdursky for the Office of War Information.

Vintage mother and daughter in their retro kitchen, back in the days when it was normal to wear a cute dress while getting all floury. ;)

Eating in front of the television set became a way of life for many Americans in the 1950's. These children eat and watch on June 28, 1951.

The American Dream

window tray at a drive-in