Tewa Girl Indians Hairstyle Clothing Dress Squash Blossom Fashion E Curtis C1906

E. S. Curtis (1904)

Medicine Crow by Edward Curtis

The Apache | The North American Indian Photography of Edward Curtis - Edward S. Curtis, a professional photographer in Seattle, devoted his life to documenting what was perceived to be a vanishing race. His monumental publication The North American Indian presented to the public an extensive ethnographical study of numerous tribes, and his photographs remain memorable icons of the American Indian.

Seaman David Crazy Thunder (Oglala) and mother, Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota, 1945. Marquette University Archives

You are viewing an original photograph of a Tipi in the Snow. The photo was taken by Curtis in 1908. The picture shows two men on horseback in front of a Tipi.

Cherokee Indian

American Indian Clothing by allanhowell1, via Flickr

Kiawa Indian Girls in Buckskin dress Lawrence T. Jones III Texas photography collection Lawton, Comanche County, Oklahoma

Old West Cowboys And Indians | Cowboys, Indians and the Old West / *Cowboy and his dog...Libby Hall ...

Joseph, Blackfoot Man

Indian Chief with Winchester

You are viewing a rare image of a Whale Ceremonial - Clayoquot. It was taken in 1910 by Edward S. Curtis. The image shows Nootka indian taking ceremonial bath, before whale hunt. We have created this collection of images primarily to serve as an easy to access educational tool. Contact curator@old-picture.com.

+~+~ Antique Photograph ~+~+ Native American Indian girl ~ Katie Roubideaux, Rosebud Sioux, (1890-1991)

As a youth of fifteen, Medicine Crow went on his first war party. In the next nineteen years, he led a vigorous and often dangerous life of a Plains Indian warrior. For twelve of those years he was a war chief noted for his agility in hand-to-hand combat, courage, and dependability in bringing his men back home not only safely but victorious. Crow Indian

Owens Valley Paiute Shoshone Indian | Owens Valley Paiute

[Quanah Parker and W. C. Riggs, Fat Stock Show, Fort Worth, Texas] 1909 by SMU Central University Libraries, via Flickr

Native American

Her Know, Dakota Sioux, by Heyn Photo, 1899

See's Forever - Native American

The looks these two are giving each other are quite interesting. Wish there was a story to go with the photo. Native american, indian, male, man, couple, white female, holding hands, friendship ? love even ? vintage, culture, photo b/w.