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  • Bluberry 321

    Native American traditional

  • Mirva Wihuri-Uuro

    A Tewa Girl photographed by Edward Curtis in 1906. Half-length portrait, facing front, hair arranged in "squash blossom" fashion.

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Here for your browsing pleasure is a grand photo of a Zuni Girl With Jar. It was made in 1903 by Edward S. Curtis. The illustration presents a Head-and-shoulders portrait of a Zuni girl with a pottery jar on her head. We have compiled this collection of photos mainly to serve as a vital educational resource. Contact mailto:curator@ol.... Image ID# 63A8B330

The Iroquois women had something over on us. Instead of our suburban nuclear family huts, all isolated from one another, and the inhabitants inside all quietly, or not so quietly going mad--the Iroquois women lived in communal female groups. At odds with what the bearded white 19th-century anthropologists believed, that Native American women were beaten and downtrodden by their men--the Iroquois ladies OWNED the longhouses. OWNED. They shared work and food production and child care duties.

Kiawa Indian Girls in Buckskin dress Lawrence T. Jones III Texas photography collection Lawton, Comanche County, Oklahoma

My babysitter had a wall phone like that. It was a "party line", meaning that it was shared with other homes. #RubyLane


Girl Scout - Brownies I had this exact uniform! troop 181... my favorite piece was the coin pouch on the belt to hold my dues through school until i got to my meeting.

Cockney sharp shooters? by lovedaylemon, via Flickr

Girl in blanket (Osage? Comanche?), 1900? – 1920? by Marquette University Archives, via Flickr

+~+~ Antique Photograph ~+~+ Beautifully clear and detailed image of a young girl taken in Moravia, Czechia. CIrca 1910

Hopi Girl . Traditional squash-blossom hairstyle to signify their maturity and readiness for marriage.

White Girl found with the Gros Ventre Indians, hand resting on top of chair, dressed in Indian garb, full length portrait. Believed to be held captive 1880-1890.

"-¿Cómo va a parecerme modesta si durante años viví en un tipi de piel de bisonte?..." DAMA DE TRÉBOLES. (Oglala tipi)