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“Consumed correctly,” explains Manic, “this bundle will produce the most magical effects — eternal youth; a keen nose to guide you to the nearest bar; an outstanding sense of humour; and an insatiable desire to be merry.” We’ll have to take their word about all that but what’s for sure is that this kit produces joy to the eyes with all the different elements delightfully put together by hand by the team. Plus, it reminds me: Need to get some disco dust for the office.

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“A gin and tonic is 70% tonic, 30% gin. Q Tonic, a premium tonic water, is made with: •Hand-picked quinine from the Peruvian Andes •Organic agave as the sweetener •60% fewer calories than regular tonic water •All natural ingredients •No high fructose corn syrup •85% lower glycemic rating than other tonic waters

Wonderfully clean, simple bottle design for Samoa Pure by Ryan Marx.

Whole World Water is a social/ecological campaign aimed at bringing attention to the dual issues of clean drinking water—something which remains inaccessible to millions—and the deadly consequences of plastic run amok. The campaign, which officially launches on March 22, World Water Day, has the pledge of participating hotel chains to replace plastic water

rustad spring water packaging