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Like when you make awesome Patty Duke jokes that are staying in the novel, no matter how many people won't get them.

I would probably do the same thing.

lol I do this while screaming NOOOOO sad puppy commercial!!!!

Most girls would say this is romantic...I would say...this is how we gets ants and would clean for a week because of my OCD!!

I feel wrong for pinning this... but it legit made me giggle for about an hour, soooo....

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Omg! I've seen this picture so many times and I never got why it was funny! Wow I'm so stupid xD

I've always wondered about birth control back in the day...

That's what he said just before I shot at him and his buddies for eating all my tomatoes out of my garden!

Social skills fail... This happens to me all the time. When someone says, "Hello!" And then i say, "Good! Thank you!"... -facepalm-