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  • Dustan E.

    On his thirteenth birthday Will receives a strange letter from a king. His life will never be the same… The Winter Letter is a Young Adult/Children's Fantasy novel written by D.E. Stanley and Illustrated by Darlene M. Stanley

  • Faith Deals

    Free novel for 8-12 yr olds - - "The Winter Letter" by D.E. Stanley Normally $7.99

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Revolutionary Life: How to Get the Winter Letter for Free during Easter!

Help support a family who recently lost their little baby girl by buying a copy of The Winter Letter. 100% of September 2012 profits will go to help the family pay their medical bills.

For fellow fantasy readers who want an AMAZING series that will keep them busy for a while! 13 books with an average of 1000pgs each and one last book on the way. The author Robert Jordan passed away before finishing the 12th book, and Brandon Sanderson has had the honor of finishing it.

My friend Tracy gave me the audio version of this new children's book. It is great!!! I highly recommend it for anybody over the age of 7 or 8! It is a great middle grade fantasy story

This was good, but a bit too Twilighty for my taste. Probably won't stop me from reading the next two though.