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  • Kathy Luby-Harrison

    president ike photos - Bing Images

  • Dimas Suryo H.

    They were veterans of world war II and both were allies too... Technically they were still allies but, no one knows what goes around inside their heart at that time...

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Yes, thank God for the Atomic Bomb. God loves us and favors America so much he gave U.S. the bomb first to combat the evils of Communism & Facism. So next time you are in a house of worship look for the bomb shelter and gives a thumbs' up to the Man Upstairs.

The Cold War. Not my words, but interesting words: "Nuns sent this crap home with us - I was paralyzed and my parents were pissed that we were being brain washed."

This type of propaganda instills fear into people so that the government can do as they please because they convinced society that it is necessary. That is how the government gets away with going to war because the convince Americans to think that we have no choice.

FACTS ¥ checkpoint charlie/the cold war.

1976 Newsweek Magazine Covers | cover credit marvin mattelson u s view large cover buy this cover

"Stop Communism! It's Everybody's Job"

This shows why the cold war happened, the U.S thought russia was making missles.

"What to Do In Case of an Atomic Attack" ~ Ridiculous Cold War propaganda pamphlet.